I am going to keep this post a short one and I hope I do as this post will have it’s own follow up posts. Recently I was positioned into a life situation that almost felt like meteorites smashing down on me. It was at this moment I started thinking about this question “What makes me happy?” One of the most simplest question in life which holds one of the most complicated answers.

There isn’t a hard fixed answer to the question as it varies from person to person. Like we all say, how you visualise an incident can’t never be the same as another person whom visualises the same incident. So I decided to ask a few folks in organization I am working with. You will be surprised by the answers I got

  1. Total silence
  2. I don’t have anything to be happy about
  3. If I make more money and hit my quota
  4. Nothing
  5. Just been myself and absolutely been myself

Looks like no one knows how to be happy. Seriously a big issue! For me it’s to be a lecturer to share my experiences and real life situations to folks I know. To give back to this society. How sad have we become that one does not know what makes him/her happy? So I decided to further understand on that statement of what makes you happy and purchased a book that talks about positive physiology. So fellow bloggers, tell me “what makes you happy?” Looking forward to your comments.

“never ending IT”

I ain’t sure about the other industries but I am very sure of the industry I am in. You stop learning, you become obsolete. It’s not that you won’t have a job, it’s only that you won’t be able to have a job that has value to it. Such is the bane of the Information Technology industry.

But it’s not all too bad or tough. There are tons of verticals which one can diversify oneself into and from there to pick a focus on. You can also remain a generalist with a wide range of knowledge. You could have started off as a desktop engineer and became a Microsoft technology consultant only to streamline into a digital forensic analyst. Do you see it? There is a no relevance to how you may end up but it’s you who decide in where you want to be.

Some become consultants, developers, evangelist, engineers, architects, operations etc and the list goes on. I have heard it over and over again, I don’t know what to do next. IT is too tough. What’s not tough? Our mums went through tough times to give birth to us? If they had given up, we won’t here today. So we are all the descendants of natural born fighters. Sometimes due to circumstances we let that spirit down but it’s always within us.

Don’t get me wrong, I am making this comparison only to our learning and knowledge attitude and nothing else. There are other situations and scenarios in this world today that our fighting spirit can’t do much as in individual. Back to my topic, so if you are in IT field today, don’t forget to keep upgrading yourself cause if you don’t it would good as saying that you will become a Windows NT. With the amount of variations and technologies today, one surely can find a niche for oneself. Have you found your nice?

Looking forward to your comments fellow bloggers. What’s your thoughts on this?

“superintelligence” – my review

In an era of advance technological strengths our civilization has made significant developments in “AI” aka Artificial Intelligence for many of the various industries. Yes, it has had tremendous positive impact on business and societies. Let’s just say, we took a fast forward step from where we are today, there is a huge potential of these AI, morphing or evolving into Super Intelligence. To make a simple reference “SkyNet”. Don’t get it wrong yet.

With Super Intelligence we might be able to do much much more than what we are struggling with today. We could make massive breakthroughs in medcial such as a cure for cancer or transportation by creating travel mechanisms based on quantum physics. We all know that to achieve these we need immense computing power and that would also apply to a Super Intelligence which is yet to evolve. The pros as are countless but what if we took a step back and saw from the other perspective of “Singleton”, “Totalitarian”, “Mind-Crimes”, “WBE aka Whole Brain Emulation” , Planetary expansions , Flawed Neuoromorphic AI, Ethics & Controls, Human Existence and Survival, Global race to create the first WBE AI etc. Would we now have a different impression of what is yet to come. Would we slow down this process of AI to SI (aka Super Intelligence ) discovery or hasten the process of discovery. The golden question, what do we want the SI to want to achieve global wants and who will define this want?

That’s what this book, Super Intelligence covers. Nick Bostrom had done a great amount of write up with supporting information. It’s not an easy read but surely it’s a must read for anyone whom is living in this era of great technological discoveries and advancements. It’s not a book to discourage these advancements but it’s a book which shows you what you have to look out for or have we missed in looking out for. I took sometime to finish this book but now that I have finished it, I come to understand that we might not be ready for an SI based on our own ethical motives and personal desires which are flawed. How sure are we that our own flawed human code won’t be also transferred to an SI when we are building one? Will we create something that will help mankind or bring greater peril to mankind. What do you think about this fellow bloggers? Love to hear your comments.



“jump rope + pushup” – beginner workout #1

I come to realize the paramount of searches to look for ways to lose weight when all that matters is oneself having discipline and determination. I had been down that road from where I was to where I am today in terms of overall mass and fitness. Since my surgeries and recovery, I had to stop weight lifting and find alternative means. Running, jogging, cycling, swimming, hiking, HIIT etc, are many of  those which I have tried. From the list, swimming, jogging and cycling came as tops. But these require some form travel to somewhere. What if there was a workout which didn’t need travelling but some space. People will tell you it’s HIIT but not all HIIT can be done due  to existing injuries within oneself. So I decided to trial on something and I have fallen in love with it. Jump Rope, seriously and it can be carried with you anywhere! It was a misery when I started out but today I can burn approximately 300 calories in 20 minutes. So as all bloggers do, I decided to share my various workouts in this blog so all can benefit from it.

Don’t take it too hard on yourself. Go slow if you are just starting out and gradually increase the levels. What I will be sharing is just the basic and intermediate workouts that consist of Jump Rope + Body-weight exercises. Try them out and feel for yourself. Get yourself a respectable jump rope. I started off with the rubber one and now I am using the steel braided wire one. Go for the rubber as it’s easier to take the hits till you reach a level you are comfortable to take on the steel wire ones. You will get to know what that means. There are lots of videos out there on how to start jumping. What I will suggest is take a look at them and try them out. Not everyone gets everything the same. Don’t give up if you only manage to do only 3 jumps before tripping. Just keep counting from there, don’t reset back to 0. Build the confidence and momentum. You will get there. I started off only been able to hold a max of 5 jumps before tripping but today it’s a different story and I am still learning the other variations of jump. I am in the midst of making more videos and would be sharing them soon on this blog.

So for this post the workout and circuit is a basic workout. (Music By: My Little Boy)

Type: Beginner | Sets: 3 | Rest 20 seconds between sets
Circuit: Jump Rope x 10 counts & Push Up 5 counts
*Do this 5 times a week and increase the jump counts by 2 weekly and sets by 1 weekly till it’s too easy. Watch that calorie intake too, eat what you want just keep that carbs and sugar at bay.

Jump Rope + Push Up : Beginner Circuit from Vijayan Haridas on Vimeo.


“negativity or over worrying”

With so many things which are taking place in simultaneous moments we often tend to think too much which becomes over worrying that leads to negative thoughts. We are all human after all and can’t deny the fact that we don’t experience them.

As of such I was thrown into such a turmoil over the last 2 days that my foresight thinking became too much of over thinking. Confiding to my other half about my thoughts and she been a counselor made me do this brain test with honest answers to identify if I am a negative person. Hey, I turned out to be well balanced! Now this is the “Eye Opening” moment. Negativity does not equal to worrying too much.

We have to take a step back and think about this. What’s the definition and actions of a negative person? How can we identify and differentiate them from a worrying too much person. To me, a negative person is someone whom can’t see any good in anything. That’s the bottom line. Everything and anything is an direct negative issue to them. Unlike an over worrying person whom only starts to worry when he or she starts to think deeply over a situation or scenario even before it has occured. It might prove good if it does happen cause they will be ready but if it does not it’s also good cause there is no alarm activated. It’s like a Mr.Worry (my daughter calls me that). Worrying is absolutely fine but not negativity. Negativity not only drags oneself down but also others surrounding that person.

For me I came up with this idea. Wherever some worry pops up into my brain, I immediately jot it down on my Apple notes. Once done , I come to feel that these worries are just challenges which has to be faced and I strike out those whom I have addressed or have passed. This gives me a view of how much I am worrying and if it’s worth the amount of energy my brain is churning up. Just like my picture post below. A over worrying person will be like, “Will I get a scar? Will I get whipped the next time? Love to try again but just kinda of a scared”. A negative person would be like “Oh man, no way I am doing jump rope again. It’s either I can’t jump it or it’s going to whip me”. See the big difference?

What do you think? Are you a negative person or positive person? Is over worrying part of you? Looking forward to your comments.

“subconscious or unconscious”

“Upon parking the car in the designated lot at the residential car-park, my consciousness kicked in. At a heightened state I started to think, how did I get back home? I wasn’t on any calls while driving and I was practically driving home after a tiring day. Did I beat the red light or did I even pass by that traffic junction? It felt as if I was driven home.” 

Have you ever found yourself in this similar situation? It might not be about driving but it can be as simple as tapping your card at the exit gate of the subway and after a good 10 minutes you start to wonder, how did I get out as I have no re-collection of tapping out of the gate or did I tailgate someone in getting out. One of the most complex organs of the human biological system is the brain and the amazing myriad of electrical impulses which occurs within. It’s kind of a scary at times, when you are executing actions without any re-collection of it.

No, it’s not that we are super-humans. It’s just the way how we are evolved. There are many activities which become a daily routine and it tends to drop off from your conscious thoughts. Where does it go? It’s surely not erased but it falls into the recesses of the sub-conscious which some also term as pre-conscious and some even state them as unconscious. Only for these thoughts to re-surface without you taking any effort to recollect and execute the needed actions. Actions such as tapping your card while texting, getting out of bed in the same manner, tying your shoelaces while talking to someone, or even more crucial actions like breathing.

This action of not realizing that you are doing something becomes more scary, frightening or even intriguing when you start to think “Did I knock someone down on my drive home or how is it that the route is so burned into my sub-conscious recesses?” Only a few years back, after by chance watching a video of Dr.V. S Ramachandran talking about phantom limbs and mirror therapy, I got so interested with the brain that I started reading more about the brain which lead me to read more about neuroscience. The first book which I bought to start my read was “Consciousness and the Brain – Book by Stanislas Dehaene”. A total insight to an area of marvels, I have to say. Most of us tend to shrug off these sub-conscious activities without a second thought but if you could just give 1 minute of your conscious moment, you might come to realize the significance of it.

To fellow bloggers, do you have these experiences daily and what is your take about it? Did you consider them deeply? Looking forward to hear your comments.


“ frustrations, of 1,1,1”

“For English please press 1, for existing customer please press 1, for credit cards please press 1…” and it goes on for a few good minutes before you get transferred to a customer service consultant or only to hear “sorry our operating hours are 9-5, please leave your contact…” or worst still, your line gets disconnected half-way through and you have to go through the full selection menu all over again. I would be extremely frustrated not sure about you?

We are living in a digital era of mobile applications . I know that the telephony menu selection system was a great hit but folks we have to transform. We can’t be holding on to the past, we have to move to the future. We are traversing in an era of Bots and AI (I do have my personal reservations in regards to AI, but that’s to be in another post) to do much for us and we can’t change this telephony menu system?

I do understand that all customer facing organisations have to have this telephony call system to support existing clients and new clients but why can’t we just go an extra mile to service existing clients? If a consumer facing organisation doesn’t have a mobile application today, it’s already facing a wipeout and seriously need to consider upping their game. But for those whom have a mobile application, can’t we just extend the support section/menu to spell out all the supported queries which can be selected and a respective button to hit for a call which would take you directly to the client support personal? Wouldn’t it be easier consumers? Embrace the wave of digital and technological advancements.

It’s an acknowledged fact that not all geographic locations have strong infrastructure to make things happen but there are amazing cloud providers whom can support you in that aspect. We all talk about customer service and satisfaction but when a customer needs to call in to log a support or query that satisfaction is ripped away from him/her due to the multiple selections of choices. I do believe some consumer facing organisations already have advanced but probably the major banking, airlines, government organization should start looking into this. To fellow bloggers, have you had an experience of such? Are you okay with choosing multiple choices over a telephony menu system? Would love to hear your comments.